Tray Loading System for Cheese Company

wrabacon Cheeses

The Challenge

A large international cheese company approached Wrabacon seeking improved efficiency when it came to their process of producing trays packed with tubs of cheese.

Cheese is one of the most popular foods in the world, and in general, most people will tend to have several types of cheese in the fridge at any given time, leading to an incredible demand on suppliers to be able to continuously stock a customer’s favorite forms of cheeses wherever they might shop for it — with these suppliers including restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores. In response, many companies turn to automated systems that not only must keep pace with this demand, but also be reliable and precise to ensure trays and boxes are fully packed every time. Maximizing efficiency and speed ensures that customers will be able to get the cheeses they want, when they want it, and continue coming back for more.

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Covid-19 Response

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April 17, 2020

To All Our Valued Customers,

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We are adhering to the precautions recommended by the CDC for safe distancing as well as personal and workspace hygiene protocols to keep our employees and their families safe. We also review CDC updates daily and implement new measures as needed.

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Robert Bartlett