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Wrabacon is a leading manufacturer of table top conveyors built to your specifications. We have been designing and engineering table top systems for 20 years. Available in both stainless and painted steel, we can give you a virtually unlimited variety of conveyor configurations. Table top conveyors are used in numerous applications such as transporting, turning, merging, diverting, or accumulating products. These conveyors are ideal for incorporation into more complex process and ideal for future plant configuration modifications.

Table top conveyors are designed to transport various sizes of jars, cartons, cans, bottles and cases with maximum efficiency and minimum pressure. Different types of table top conveyors can be manufactured for different products, with different belt types and designs as required by the customer. We can build your system for clean room conditions or industrial shop floor environments. These conveyors are used in a variety of processing applications including product filling, labeling, weighing or inspection.

Table Top Conveyor Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured in either mild or stainless steel
  • Economical conveyor profile
  • Metal and plastic accumulation belts available
  • Ideal for conveying bottles, cans and other round products