Automation Equipment Systems

No matter how complex an automation system is, it’s still a sum of its parts. That’s why our engineers remain dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and implementing each component of the automation systems that help businesses automate, grow, and thrive.

Bi-Flow Accumulators:

Bi-Flow accumulators prevent costly line stoppages in a wide variety of production and packaging environments by providing the extra space needed to clear the blockage and re-introduce product into the system at the proper speed

Case Packers

Modern case packing equipment can be a game changer if it’s designed to suit your needs. At Wrabacon, every case packer is designed to make your process better – whether you do multiple changeovers a day, or the same product every day.

Incline Conveyors

Incline conveyors are ideal for moving product between two different elevations. With custom options from Wrabacon, incline conveyors can flexibly handle any elevation change your product and environment calls for.


Rotary and line lidding machinery from Wrabacon is designed to denest lids from a stack while quickly and efficiently transporting them to a capping head to be automatically placed on a wide range of containers.


Mergers and diverters divide and direct the flow of product to maximize throughput and minimize bottlenecks. Wrabacon custom designs mergers and diverters of every kind with diverter gates, belts, swing arms, and pushers to create the flow that fits your process, product, and facility.

Pail Denesters

Many manufacturing and packaging processes rely on trays or pails to quickly and reliably move product. With pail denesters from Wrabacon, do it with one operator, minimal maintenance, and a small footprint.

Rotary & Accumulation Tables

Wrabacon manufactures rotary accumulation tables, vertical accumulators, and bi-flow accumulation tables with flexibility and quality in mind. Accumulation tables are critical at the beginning and end of many manufacturing and packaging processes.

Stainless Steel Conveyors

Stainless steel conveyors built to suit any production or facility are a Wrabacon specialty, with countless conveyors built for products ranging from pharmaceutical packaging to food and beverage processing.

Table Top Chain Conveyors

Many applications are served well by the highly flexible and modular nature of a table top conveyor, which can be easily incorporated into existing lines and re-configured with little set-up. Table top conveyors are ideal for jars, cartons, cans, bottles, and cases.

Tray Denesters

Tray denesters by Wrabacon are consistently chosen by our customers in manufacturing and food processing industries for features that enable quick and easy changeover, worry-free wash-down, and minimal maintenance.

Not finding what you need? Custom is our specialty. Speak with one of our automation experts today to learn why so many businesses choose Wrabacon for automation equipment.