Incline Conveyors

Straight Incline / Z Style Inclines

Incline Conveyors

Wrabacon's incline conveyors are designed to move product between two different elevations. They can be used convey between a mezzanine to floor level docks, overhead conveyor to floor applications, and other jobs where product must be conveyed at an angle. Incline Conveyors are designed to run at fixed or variable speeds to fit in with existing applications a customer may be using. Our conveyors will operate independently, or can be integrated with other equipment.

Our incline conveyors permit the transfer of bulk materials at inclines from 18° to 90° angles.

Incline Conveyor Features and Benefits

  • Move products from one elevation to another
  • Straight and Z style configurations available
  • Available in cleated belts or rough top
  • Painted steel or Stainless steel construction
  • Incline conveyors available in variable and fixed speeds
Customized, Integrated, Invaluable
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