Vertical Accumulators

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wrabacons vertical accumulators

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Wrabacon's vertical accumulators take up minimal floor space and they are a very reliable form of product accumulation during those unpredictable times of downstream equipment delays. Wrabacons accumulators are designed to provide smooth controlled product flow.

Improved product efficiencies, minimal product damage and maintaining product orientation are all benefits of vertical accumulators. Wrabacon has designed, engineered and manufactured vertical accumulators for a host of different products and packages as well as industries.

Vertical Accumulators Features and Benefits
  • Ideal for accumulating trays
    and parcels when space is limited
  • Vertical accumulators take up minimal floor space
  • Available in mild and stainless steel
  • Used when down stream equipment delays would shut down up stream production
  • Custom designed to meet specific requirements

Vertical Accumulator Video

Vertical accumulator for the accumulation of packaged product in a packaging line.